Now that you have an Event Page, it’s time to promote your screening with friends, family and local organizations who can help you spread the word. A great way to reach out is through Facebook, Twitter and email.

Using Facebook to Promote Your Screening

– Create an event page and invite your friends to join.
– Update your status alert your networks of your screening details.
– Keep updating throughout the week with the new number of seats needed for the event to be confirmed.

Using Twitter to Promote Your Screening

– Tweet out to your network using our sample tweets below or one of your own.
– @Reply and Direct Message organizations to help you to promote your event.
– Use hashtags (ie. #GeniusofMarian, #Alzheimers) so interested people can easily find your tweet.

Email Your Friends and Family

– Personal email invitations have a much higher rate of response than bulk email
invitations. Encourage all event organizers to send personalized emails to their networks whenever possible.
– Include an image to make your email stand out. Here is a link to our press photos.

Email Organizations

-A great way to get support for your screenings is by contacting local organizations, nonprofits, groups, & clubs and encouraging them to help spread the word about your screening.
-Look up the contact information for local organizations or reach out to them through email or social media. Reach out to us directly if you would like some suggestions.

Facebook Sample Status Updates

Hello [Location]. I’m hosting a screening of @The Genius of Marian on [Date] at [Theater]! The screening will only happen if we sell [Tickets Needed] before the deadline, so purchase your ticket today at [Event Page URL]!

@The Genius of Marian is an intimate family portrait that explores the heartbreak of Alzheimer’s disease, the power of art and the meaning of family. We’re hosting a screening of it on [Date] at [Theater]! Go to [Event Page URL] and reserve your tickets now before they all sell out!

Twitter Sample Tweets
Hey [Location] folks! Reserve your tickets NOW through @TUGG to see @GeniusofMarian [Event URL].

The heartbreak of #Alzheimers, the power of #art & the meaning of #family. Come out to see @GeniusofMarian in [Location] [Event url].

Sample Email for Friends and Family


I’d like to invite you to join me for a special screening of the award-winning and powerful documentary, The Genius of Marian. The film, which follows one family’s journey with Alzheimer’s disease, has earned awards at major film festivals worldwide.

I’m personally excited about the film because of it’s intimate and honest depiction of one family’s story of coming to terms with the changes Alzheimer’s brings to their lives. We need to raise awareness around this disease and how it affects the whole family and caregiving team.

We will be hosting a screening of the film at [YOUR VENUE] at [YOUR TIME/DATE]. After the screening, there will be a panel and discussion with [YOUR PANELISTS NAMES/TITLES].


I hope you’ll be able to join me. In the meantime, you can find out more about The Genius of Marian and watch the trailer at

With best regards,
[YOUR NAME] [Feel free to use the following testimonials about the film in your promotion:]


“The Genius of Marian is by far the most meaningful representation of a family’s experience with this disease that I’ve seen (and I’ve seen a few). Its value as a conversation-­‐starter for families and caregivers cannot be overstated.”

~Susan Rowlett, Manager of Care Consultation & Clinical Education, Alzheimer’s Association, Massachusetts/New Hampshire Chapter

“I had no idea how much I needed to see The Genius of Marian. It helped me feel less alone and to remember that Alzheimer’s is not a death sentence, but a chance to connect in a new way.”

~Chris Riley, family caregiver for her mother Diane, who was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and FTD in 2009

“The Genius of Marian is a remarkable film, not only for the obvious affection with which it was made, but as art.”

~Indiewire Magazine, April 2013

Sample Email for Organizations

Collaborating With [Organization] On The Genius of Marian Screening in [Town]


Dear [Name],

My name is [Name], and I am reaching out in regards to a screening that I’m organizing for the film The Genius of Marian on [Date] in [City] at the [Theater Name].

Here’s an overview of the film:

The Genius of Marian is a visually rich, emotionally complex story about one family’s struggle to come to terms with the changes Alzheimer’s disease brings. After Pam White is diagnosed at age 61 with early onset Alzheimer’s, life begins to change, slowly but irrevocably, for Pam and everyone around her. Pam’s husband grapples with his changing role from primary partner to primary caregiver. Her adult children find ways to show their love and support while mourning the slow loss of their mother.

The Genius of Marian paints a powerful contemporary portrait of the impact of Alzheimer’s disease, the power of art and the meaning of family.

You can view the Trailer and learn more about the film at

I believe that the members of your organization would be extremely interested in this film, and I was hoping that you could share this event with your community.

You can see more information about the event as well as purchase tickets to the screening through the Event Page: [Event Link URL].

In exchange for your support, we’d be happy to have you or a member of your organization address the audience during the event, and we can also feature your organization on the Event Page.

I’d love to connect and discuss this screening with you further, so please let me know if you might have some time to speak.

Best Wishes,