“One Little Glitch” – The Genius of Marian in Newsweek


March 28th, 2014
Hey Everyone,

The Genius of Marian and our family’s story is profiled in a Newsweek article about Alzheimer’s disease that is on newsstands now. This is an important piece and I am very proud that we are a part of it. I want to especially acknowledge my amazing father and mother Ed & Pam White; for the support they have given Anna and I in the making of the film; and for bravely opening up their home & continuing to share their experience of this trying disease. I am particularly proud of how they both honestly share their frustration and pain, but also beautifully demonstrate the patience, compassion and love that has been our bond as a family through it all. This of course is also reflected in the amazing care provided by the rest of the family and by our close friends.

I also wanted to share this beautifully written and heartfelt message from my bother, Dr. Luke White about the article.

“I hope this article inspires more urgency to battle the epidemic of Alzheimer’s Disease, and brings more attention to the beautiful documentary by my brother Banker White and his wife Anna Fitch about my family’s struggle with Alzheimer’s Disease. I’m very proud of their work, and proud that my family continues to work together and adapt to the nearly insurmountable challenges of this illness.

I wish more than anything to have one day with my mom, my mom as I remember her, of whole mind and body, and to talk to her like we used to talk. I have faith that if enough brilliant minds are given the resources they need to find a cure, we can end the epidemic and make Alzheimer’s a thing of the past.

Please share this article, and keep politicians accountable for funding scientific research, education, and public health initiatives.”

Here is a link to the full article online:

Alzheimer’s Is Expensive, Deadly and Growing. So Where’s the Research Money?
 / March 27, 2014 12:24 PM EDT


With Love and Appreciation,

Banker & Anna

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